If you are wondering why you should help, you are on the right way to find your motivation.

The real and deep answer can only be found within yourself. If you are reading this message it is because you have reached the point where you no longer feel like turning your gaze in front of absolute poverty in Africa, of a mother who begs for food and the smile of a poor child who fills your heart with joy.

Helping others is helping yourself.

Why via Zanzibarhelp? Because your help travels directly to those who need it and is immediately used in a concrete way and you can check it whenever you want. I hope I have dispelled all your doubts, because the children are waiting for your help, they trust you even if they don’t know you.

  Summing up:

  • WHY only you know the real reason
  • WHAT  helping others you help yourself
  • WHEN righ now
  • HOW  through Zanzibarhelp

ZANZIBARHELP  was born in March 2020 distribuiting food packages to poor families in the North of Zanzizar. Since then ZanzibarHelp has distributed food to over 23.000 people. It has build 24 tanks for collecting clean water. It has opened a school for disabled children in Nungwi. It has started a distance support project for young students and treated 4 seriouly ill children.

In October 2020 the permacolture school was started in Kiboje.  100 vegetables gardens cultivation has been launched. This project has employed 220 people.

Another BIG  and very important project for us is:


a school for deaf and dumb children, blind children and Down syndrome children and many other pahtologies.

Your support allow us to continue with all these projects.


From 2020 THE SULTAN OIL (Zanzibar), a company that always has been sensitive to humanitarian problems on the island, decide to support Zanzibarhelp by donating part of the profits from the sales of Sultan’s oil; supporting specially Zanzibarhelp in the development of the following projects:

  • Food distribution to poor families
  • Opening schools for disabled children
  • Permacolture a new agriculture technique
  • Specialized medical visits for children (ophthalmologist, dentists, dermatologists)

The Sultan Oil collaboration/support allows families of Zanzibar to work in the Oil production process. These families receive a conribution for every botlle of oil sold.


This magical island evokes Spices and Sultans stories, lush forests, a crystalline sea and white beaches


One day in a flea market in Stone Town,  handwritten manuscript was found in an 9th century old book. It was translated from Arabic and turned out to be notes and annotations of essences and perfume formulas.

Written by an alchemist visiting the Sultan of Zanzibar Hamoud Bin Mohammed nel 1897. The book contained the formula for this oil. It was created specifically for the Sultan. After months of work, The Sultan Oil finally was born. Not just an Oil but ” The Soul of Zanzibar”


After months of work, The Sultan Oil finally was born. Not just an Oil but ” The Soul of Zanzibar”


An ancient alchemist magic,  the spices and flowers aromas floating in the air for a few hours before being trapped in pure coconut oil and finally bottled in a wonderful bottle.